Funny Russian ads

There is so few really good and funny commercials, you know like those you see at Super Bowl or actually buy tickets to watch at commercial festivals such as Cannes Lions.

But sometimes several jewels can be found in one place, in this case – a Moscow subway car. The first one is Snickers commercial, with slogan “Ready to eat an elephant?” There’s a colloquial saying, I’m so hungry that I could eat a whole elephant – and they actually visualized it in this ad. I especially like the expression of utmost fear in the elephants eyes, even though they normally don’t panic, which is mentioned in another saying – as calm as an elephant. And the other ad is just epic. This one is for a firm that produces and installs PVC windows. Notice the arm sleeves that go out of the overalls back pockets. There’s another colloquial joke about anyone who is bad at something that his hand grow out his ass. And if you ever used hired labour to build or repair something, you probably noticed that those workers really have their hands growing out of their butts.

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