Shutdown timer

Quite often you have something running on your PC, like a Youtube video upload which will take a couple hours more, and you want to go to bed.

To avoid energy waste on idling computer, you can schedule a timed shutdown. Of course there are dozens of third party utilities for that, but why use them when Windows has this feature built-in. It’s not exactly userfriedly, as the utility is command line only without a GUI, but it’s quite easy to grasp anyway. So, run command prompt, probably elevated, and enter this command.
%windir%\system32\shutdown.exe -s -f -t 00
The last digits are time before shutting down in seconds. 00 means immediate turn off. The maximum time frame is 10 years. Well, we won’t wait that long and lets time system shutdown in ten minutes. Ten minutes is 60 seconds, so we enter 600 as the last parameter and run the command. A window will pop up telling you that the system will be shutdown soon. Which happens in 10 minutes. The funny thing is when you enter a longer waiting period, it doesn’t open a confirmation window but rather shows a tray popup.

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