Restore deleted file on Playstation 3

So you deleted some files off your PS3 HDD?

This guide will not allow you to recover the actual files, but at least to understand what you have deleted. This may be useful in case like mine: I store movies I want to watch on PS3 internal hard drive and delete watched ones. Since I don’t have much free time, the movies seem to pile up and I don’t really remember what titles I have. I wanted to copy some of them on an external drive to take away, and deleted them instead of copying, as Copy Multiple and Delete Multiple are located too close in the PS3 menu. That’s not a big deal, as you obviously can always redownload movies, but I don’t remember which titles I deleted! So I navigated to this path /dev/hdd_00/mms/dev to find a file named metadata_db_hdd This is database where your PS3 stores all your activity: what games you play and how long, what movies you watch, what music do you listen to and how often do you repeat a song, and so on. This information is sent to Sony servers each time you login on to PSN. So your PS3 basically spies on you, for the Sony marketing department to better target ads for you, based on your taste and preferences history. The file is in UNICODE, so if you use a language other than English, do not forget to force you editor of choice to use Unicode codepage. Even though not exactly straightforward process, but still, I was able to find the titles of the movies I accidentally deleted from my PS3. Having the titles, it was not much trouble to redownload them. Of course you can access this file on a jailbroken PS3 only. And preempting the comments of the smartest of you, no, you can’t just remove the PS3 drive, attach it to a PC and launch an undelete file recovery software, because everything on the PS3 HDD is encrypted. File restore software doesn’t work on encrypted drives.

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