PS3 error 80029530

My channel showed an instruction how to run PS2 games on PS3.

Since that video came out numerous changes happened on the PS3 scene which I would like you to know. Several CFW came out with version numbers 4.46 and above. If you try to install PS2 Classics on such 4.46 or higher CFW, even if you follow the instruction and do everything perfectly right, PS2 Placeholder will still show you 80029530. This is related either to buggy code in PS2 classics or the CFW itself. To get PS2 Classics working, first downgrade to 4.30 – this shouldn’t be a problem if you are on rebug. Install everything related to PS2 classics and make sure you can run PS2 games, and then update back to 4.46 or higher. PS2 Classics should work. If it still throws the error at you, make sure you don’t run a firmware version spoofer. If you do, disable it.

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