PS3 CFW CEX DEX REX difference

What is REX CFW for PS3? All custom PS3 firmwares come in two flavours.

First one is CEX, which is derived from Consumer, and DEX which comes from Developer. But here comes this REX thing. The whole goal of Rebug project, even before the PS3 was cracked, was to enable developer debug functions on consumer versions of PS3. Hence the name re-bug – shortcut for “re-enable debug”. REX CFWs are basically a CEX CFW with debug functions blended in. To enable them, you must install the Toolbox.pkg which is already inside REX CFW but not yet installed. Install it and run the Rebug Toolbox, which provides convenient access to all debug functions on a CEX console. I repeat once again – this only works for CFW-enabled consoles. It doesn’t work if you are on OFW.

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