Playstation 4 emulator for Windows PC

Today we have 3 independent PS4 emulators.

From the looks of it, that’s so easy to emulate a state of the art game console these days. The 3 emulators have some common traits – all are in Spanish and demon state a game cutscene or game menu as a proof of concept. All this is displayed in a stylish window titled “PS4 Emulator for Windows” in bold letters, to leave no doubts this shit is real, man. This is just what it is – a PS4 game cutscene shown in a window. That’s a video recording, similar to watching a media file in a windowed media player. Of course there are links to download the “emulator”. Normally, the download page is cluttered with ads and you may need to complete a survey before you get download links. We already had those survey links almost a year ago in the earliest “PS4 hack” scams. Even if you get to download the file, apart from viruses, toolbars and malware, it will just be a media player showing PS4 gameplay movies. Another download is only 6 megabytes. It is clear that you cant’ really fit a video file in 6 megs, so this player just streams the video using YouTube API or something. This also increases view count and popularity of the YouTube video in question, and could be used to increase views by scamming dumb schoolchildren. The websites and social media pages containing these emulators also get better pagerank, as those dumb schoolchildren voluntarily post links to those resources, and do it for free. When, or better to say – if the real PS4 emulator ever arrives, owners of those websites will already have a ready SEO-optimized web resource to capitalize on that.

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