Open blister clamshell sealed package with rotary kitchen knife

Most probably you hate those sealed blister clamshells as much as I do.

Such packaging is almost impossible to open without cutting yourself on the sharp edges of the plastic! The internet is full of chicks of varying fap value trying to open those packages with different parts of their bodies. Paediwikia even coined a term wrap rage – depicting your anxiety when you just can’t open that fucking package. And it has this clamshell blister package in the top three. Also, internet shows an advise to open such packages using kitchen rotary tin opener. Well, let’s give it a try. Rolling rolling rolling rolling… So what’s the result? The result is utter shit – only one side is cut, and I could do the same with a paper knife in a second. Do you now why the advice didn’t work? Because it’s bullshit! What should we learn out of this experience? Most of lifehacks and other advice from the internet is bullshit, never ever tested by anyone. On the contrary, I consider it below my esteem to offer you my dear viewers advice I personally have never tried and thus have no experience or evidence of. Izzy is a ship of truth in the sea of lies and douchebaggery. So like my vids, sub to my channel, visit my website and share all of it with your friends.

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