Nose and ear picking tools

Picking your nose and ears is not only a pleasant, but also a life increasing experience, since it helps prevent disease. However, you’d rather not pick you holes in public. Your should prefer the intimacy of your bathroom with readily available tools.

You may use a little special spade. It has rounded corners with a slight hook, which is perfect for extracting that stubborn snot deep inside your nose. It is also perfect for removing ear wax.
Manicure tools may do almost the same. However, they normally come with sharp edges, so you have to file it down for safety.
But the best option for under fingernails grease removal tool from a manicure tool set. It is great to pick nose and ears, especially in those curved areas. No matter how well you wash your ears, it is impossible to clean all dirt from these confined spaces with water alone. The tool does the job, and believe me, there’s a lot of dirt. It can also help you press those tiny, yet painful pimples outside of the ear channel, which you can’t see to remove with fingers, but they hurt as hell.
Well, whatever instrument you choose, they all are better than those stupid qtips, which only drive the wax deeper into the ear, that may lead to inflammation and hearing problems.

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