kdbsync.exe AML OpenCL error

Those who failed to get rid of kdbsync.exe error the proper way I showed in another post, there is a lame solution to prevent Windows from trying to locate and run the file on startup.

To do that, click Run from Start menu. If you don’t have this option, just right click in an empty spot of the menu, go to properties and enable the run command there. Once in the run menu, enter msconfig and hit enter. Running this program may require elevation, if you have UAC enabled. Once the program starts, go to Startup section. Here everything may be random for different computers, but you have to find a line that leads to kdbsync.exe and untick it. Exit the program, confirming whatever it asks. Tick the option not to bother you with this again, confirm and reboot. Everything should be clean from now on. Another way to do the same is going to Windows registry and removing a line with kdbsync in the following location: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run]

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