One of my dear subscribers asked me about watching online TV on your PS3.

I remember there was a hot topic a couple years back – a Showtime plugin named WatchIT, enabling you to watch over 300 IPTV channels in different languages. Well, let’s try it out. Launch Showtime, go to Apps, find WatchIt in the very end of the list. It won’t install, with “disk write error”. Well it turns out this is a bug fixed like 8 months ago. But my Showtime says it’s up to date? Well, let’s switch update mode from stable to testing, and here you go it fetches an update. This time WatchIt plugin installs successfully. Now launch WatcIt. It doesn’t work, displaying an error Unable to open resource. Resolver internal error. It turns out the plugin became a paid VIP app long time ago, and that’s why it doesn’t connect without purchased playlists. Well, try to remove the now useless plugin. Now Showtime won’t launch, displaying an error 80029530. Let’s try removing the watchit.zip file from Showtimes folder using multiman. It doesn’t help. I guess we have to completely delete and reinstall Showtime form scratch. Well at least let’s check out the other plugins, like the first one – Boar.TV. That’s a Russian rebroadcasting service for major Russian TV channels. It has an archive and live feeds. For obvious reason I can’t show you the actual broadcast, but believe me, the plugin works. The quality is not great, but bearable.

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