Internet censorship in Russia

When you browse internet through a Russian internet provider, you may get this kind of error: We’re sorry, but access to requested resource is restricted. It is included to the unified registry of domain names which distribute information, prohibited by Russian legislation.

All this stuff is using children as shield, of course. It is said that such domain registry provides additional mechanisms to prevent children from viewing inappropriate content online, similar to an antivirus family filters. However, nothing is said how adults can get excluded from this protection and view internet in full. By now you must be dying to know what extremist site I’m trying to view? Well, thankfully I have a reserve connection from another provider. As you can see, this site is about graphical depiction of witches through decades. Well, the only idiots seeing witches as extremists are Christians and pathetic beings with religion-damaged brains. However, if we consider witchcraft extremism, we should eradicate half of classical literature, most of which mentions evil spirits. The biggest problem here no mechanism is given to appeal decision to block your site, even if you changed the content. And this makes it internet censorship.

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