If you noticed a strange IFRToolLog.txt file, which respawns after deletion and constantly grows in size, you probably wondered what is inside this file.

Well, from the looks of it this is a log-file, to be specific, produced by Intel Manageability Engine Firmware Recovery Agent which was most probably blindly installed with other bundled drivers.

CreateFile Failed: LastErr ==> 2
Connect to Server CreateFile() successful.
svc_write_buffer->InBufferSize ==> 12
svc_write_buffer->SvcCommand ==> 0
Sent message to server successful.
Read was successfull

This utility allows remote firmware upgrades on a vast computer park – a feature not used even in most larger corporations, and definitely useless on a personal computer.
So remove the file, uninstall Intel Manageability Engine Firmware Recovery Agent from Control panel and reboot. The file in the root will be gone forever.

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