How to remove drill stuck in chunk

So you fucked up your power drill by sticking a drill too thick.

Stupidity must be rewarded, so you’ll spend the next half and hour or so trying to remove the stuck drill. First, you’ll need any dissolvent in a pressurized container – foam remover or our favourite WD40. I left all these at the site, and the only thing I got at home is some car application silicon spray. Spray a little bit into the dog chuck and leave for 10 minutes. Then spray some more. The next steps depend on what equipment you got at hand. If you have access to table vice, stick the drill into it and holding by the handle, gently push the device sideways and up, until you remove the drill. If you have two massive gas pipe wrenches, hold the chunk with one of them and the drill with the other, and gently rocking it sideways, pull out the drill. I had none of this, so I just hammered lightly on the sides of the drill, and then using pliers as a lever, pushed the drill out. Please note this only works with quick release or standard jaw chunks. It won’t work with SDS type perforators, as they have a completely different holder. Powerful many joules perforators compress drills inside them, so the metal enlarges inside and very often cannot be removed at all, and the chuck has to be replaced. Chuck replacement will also help if you can’t remove the drill. In most cases, after forceful removal I described above the chunk becomes trashed, so you’d better replace it anyway.

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