Bing Tax Forms

I’ve been asked about Bing.

In case you didn’t know, Microsoft search engine Bing has its own Adsense-like partner program – Chitika. I don’t use it much as they carter only to a few English-speaking countries, while more than half of clicks on my sites come from Russian-speaking countries where Chitika has no coverage, so… Yes. Two years brought in a whooping 14 dollars, 5 of which were a welcome bonus on joining the system. Well that doesn’t mean we should leave the money just sitting there. By the way, Chitika’s minimal payout is only 10 dollars to PayPal account and 50 as cheque, which is much more interesting for young sites compared to that $100 Adsense threshold. Well I elaborated on this in another video, go see it if you’re interested. There is an obstacle between you and the money and it is called FATCA. You need to submit a tax form, even though you’re not a US citizen. Your payments are freezed until you submit a correct tax form. Well, let’s fill it in. Go to Account and then Tax Forms, then select form number 8 if you’re non-US citizen. The form is quite simple. Enter your name and address. Do not forget Zip code. Even though it says you don’t have to provide a separate mailing address, the form will show an error if you leave it blank. Microsoft, for Christ sakes. Complete it. Leave all the rest fields empty. Do not tick anything! Close to the very end, enter your full name and role in all this process. I wrote Publisher. Submit the form. It should be processed in a couple days and they get back to you if there are any questions. Please note that you have to complete the form before 5th of month if you want to get a payment in that month. Also remember that by default, the payments are send to the email address in your profile. If your PayPal address is linked to different email, make sure you specify correct one in the PayPal settings.

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