How to make mouse cable shorter

So your mouse cable is too long.

Well of course you can always buy a mouse with retractable cable, but these are not really durable or convenient, and the quality is poor. And you may not want to spend any more money. Disassemble the mouse. Usually, the case is held together by the only screw on the lower side of the device. Even though this is a really cheap mouse, the cable has a detachable connector. Cheaper mice have their cable soldered directly to the board. But we won’t solder anything, and just gently wind up and place the excess wire in the back of the mouse. Make sure not to cover the buttons, sensor, the screw hole and other vital parts. Firmly press both sides together and screw in the bolt. So now we have a convenient mouse with cute little tail. It looks good next to a laptop and comfortable to use as the cable doesn’t get into the way. Anyway, if you ever need longer cable, you may just unwind a little bit more of the cable inside. Yours truly, Captain Obvious.

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