So, how to run GTA V on a CFW 4.30 and get both DLCs – Collector’s Edition and Special Edition?

Download plain GTA 5 rip. Don’t mind it being for 4.46 only. Now mount it in Multiman. The manager will prompt to patch param.sfo for an earlier firmware. Agree to that. Now run and install the game, then exit it. After that you have to install two DLC packages – Special Edition and Collector’s Edition through standard package installation routine.
That’s all. Now you have all the goodies of those DLCs, like the special garage, free weapons, Atomic Blimp zeppelin, all of it. Unfortunately the game does not support stereoscopic 3D at the moment. If you are still on 3.55, you will have to download both the game rip and the DLCs patched for 3.55.

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