Do fake iPhone cables from China work

Can you charge an iPhone with a non original, Chinese knock-off cable?
The cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone

I bought such for a dollar, and I also have this braided one. Both of them charge my fake iPhone running Android, even though the braided one doesn’t stick in the connector too well, but still, they charge and synchronize my Android iPhone clone. But the Chinese cables don’t charge a real iPhone. The iPhone says “The cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone”. It started with iOS 7 update, which completely blocked charging with non original cables, or not officially certified ones, from sales of which Apple gets royalty payments. An original Apple charging cable has a special chip, which basically is a DRM protection. This is just plain stupid. DRM is just not applicable to USB cables! Whatever sweet lies Apple tells you to justify their greed, the only real reason to incorporate a DRM chip into cables is lust for profits from sales of the overpriced USB cables. The proof is this micro USB to Lightning adapter sold at the Apple store, which allows you to use any micro USB cable, even not certified one, to charge your iPhone, after paying Apple 20 bucks for the adapter. It is priced the same as the longer USB cable. 20 dollars for a cable is overpriced like hell. It seems like for the money you can order 20 of those from China, and just give them out to all the friends and other places you ever need to charge your iPhone. You can buy any USB cable for a dollar, like that micro USB one most phones use these days – in case you don’t have a drawer full of those cables already. But not for Apple products. And if at the very least those original Apple cable were quality ones! But no! Most of them don’t last more than a year of active use, and break near the connector! So these overpriced cables are just another way for Apple to scam their loyal customers. Some of my viewers say, that iOS8 allows to use knock-off charging cable again, but I can’t just trust a manufacturer who plays dirty tricks like this one.

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