DIY bedside phone holder

Sometimes you have no space near your bed to place the phone, and you don’t want to sleep on it.

One nice solution may be this toothpaste holder for bathrooms. It costs around a dollar or two. Please notice the bottom already has all the necessary cut-outs to drain water, where you can easily wire in your charging cables! You don’t have to cut them yourself! The only problem left is to hang it somehow. You may attach it any way you want except with the bundled suction caps, as they normally fell off. So take them out. You may use cable holders, but I will use cable organizers. There are some Velcro types. Push them through the holes where suction caps were. You may also use some leftovers from windows and door rubber as padding to prevent the plastic from making dangling sound when hitting hard surfaces. So, secure the velcro. Looking good. If you are afraid of that oh dangerous cellular radiation, and don’t want to have the source of this radiation next to your head, place the holder a bit higher. Secure another holder for you dearest.

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