Copy files to PS3 over FTP

I was asked to show how you can copy files to a cfwed (jailbroken) PS3 via LAN.

This is quite simple. If your console is connected over WiFi or Ethernet cable via a router, just run Multiman to find out it’s IP address. There is another way to connect which is probably the fastest. For it you will need a cross Ethernet cable. It is a normal patchcord with receive and transmit wires switched on one side, i.e. transmission from one connector goes to reception on the other and vice versa, making it a direct connection. You can buy such cable at any computer store. Plug one side of the cable into the PS3 and the other into your computer. Now we have to manually configure wired Ethernet connection on the console and specify an IP-address. Historically, I use which is not RFC complaint but will do for our cause. The subnet mask must be Now do the same on the computer – open LAN connection properties, find TCP/IP v4 configuration, and enter similar IP address with different last number. I.e. if we had we can use This is what I use historically, you may use any number in the range from 1 to 255. Specify the same mask To check you set up everything correctly, ping your PS3 address from the computer. Now launch Multiman. This is important, as it starts FTP server. Get a FTP client like Filezilla. Run it, enter your PS3 address and use anonymous as username. The password is irrelevant, but let’s also enter anonymous just in case. Connect and you can see the folders of your PS3 on the computer. You can copy, rename, delete files and folders. On a cross connection copying large files is fast, but if your game has many small files they may take long to copy because of the CRC check. CRC check is done for each file and takes a fixed period of time regardless of the file size. So the more files you copy, the longer they will be checked.

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