Connect Xbox One to PC

Can you use your Xbox One controller to play PC games?

Well, Microsoft boasted that they heroically fulfilled their customers wet wishes and finally added a USB interface to Xbox wireless controllers! So now you can use a microUSB cable to plug it into the PC, install some drivers and play PC games with Xbox One gamepad. But with a wire attached. Xbox controllers are still not bluetooth, so you can’t connect them to other devices wirelessly without a special receiver. Also they are now selling Xbox One PC controller. The differences from pure Xbox versions are limited to Windows logo instead of Xbox and a bundled microUSB cable. Otherwise, these are identical, interchangeable products – you can use any controller to play PC games with a cable, or Xbox One games both with a cable and wirelessly. The PC version retail price is exactly the same as for pure Xbox version, which make Xbox One PC controller a better deal: for the same money, you get a quality, long enough microUSB cable.

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