Card declined by issuing bank

If you get an error
Card declined by issuing bank.
Please try your credit card using the PayPal option above.

while trying to pay for your purchase online, this error may be caused by two things. If you see the transaction in the card issuer bank transaction report in red declined status, that means you probably entered some of the card information wrong, like the valid through date. So enter everything correctly and the transaction should complete. If you do enter everything correctly but still get this error, the online shop may be using a card processing service that declines your card. This happened why I used my Payoneer card at this shop, which uses Paypal to process all card transactions. Paypal recently announced they do not allow Payoneer cards anymore. So the shop’s advice to use Paypal instead is useless – Paypal won’t allow you to pay from a Payoneer card anyway. So just use another card to pay for this transaction, and enjoy your Payoneer card on more user friendly shops, like Aliexpress. If you want to get $25 USD bonus for getting a Payoneer card, follow this link for a video instruction.

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