How to open US bank account remotely without US citizenship

How can you open a US bank account remotely without US citizenship and ever visiting USA in person?

There is this Payoneer service, that offers distant account opening and ships you a banking card. Register at Payoneer by following this link. Enter all requested details in English. After you complete the registration, you will receive an e-mail offering to verify yourself. I completed this by uploading a scan of my foreign trips passport. In about 5 days I received confirmation that the account is now active. So you completed two steps – registration and verification. Now they will send you a letter with Payoneer bank card. It took a month from the moment I registered to seeing the envelope in my mail. Unboxing! Inside is a common Mastercard. You can use it in stores and online on eBay or Amazon or any other site that accepts credit cards, and also you can load it with cash via bank transfers and direct deposits. I use it to receive revenue from US-based affiliate marketing companies which do not offer bank transfers to my country. And I don’t like checks. Recently PayPal announced they do not support Payoneer cards no more for some undisclosed reason, so now you can’t bind a Payoneer card to PayPal. PayPal is so customer-oriented, as usual. Before you can start using the card, you have to activate it by logging into your Payoneer account and specifying a PIN-code. It’s really easy. As I already said, the account is provided by a US bank, details of which you can see in your Payoneer account. Some services require you to enter the bank address for direct deposit, which Payoneer doesn’t show. But you can easily search it by the Swift code they do offer. So this is the bank for my card, located in New York, USA. Using the service is easy – just copy the direct deposit data from your Payoneer account to the payout form, and you’re done. This comes at a price though. Payoneer transaction commissions are quite high, and they also charge around $30 each year as a service fee, which is deducted automatically from incoming payments. I consider this a reasonable price for remote account open in a US bank. I’ve never been to New York or USA, but still was able to open an account. Moreover, this is the only way I can collect revenue from some affiliate marketing sites, so why not. If you also need a USA banking account, please study carefully the fees and commissions, and if you are OK with them, follow the link in the description and register at Payoneer to receive a $25 bonus as soon as you amass your first $100 on your Payoneer account. This is not a pyramid scheme, as it’s a one-time bonus, also my viewers confirmed they do receive the $25 bonus after meeting the offer requirements, so it’s not a scam. So go for it. Follow this link.

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