30 Gb free cloud storage from Microsoft

Microsoft renamed its SkyDrive cloud storage to OneDrive and now is offering free 30gb of cloud storage.

To get it, follow this link and login to your live account or create it if you don’t have one. You do not need to enter your phone number, a secondary email will do. Once you login, you’ll get 15 Gb of space. To increase it, download the OneDrive app for your phone or tablet – all operating systems supported, run it, login to your account and enable Camera backup through settings menu or via a popup on first start. As soon as you sync your first photo into the cloud, you’ll get another 15 Gb which makes a total of 30 Gb of free cloud storage. There are also rumors that this Christmas Google will start to offer 1 Tb of free storage to home users and 5 Tb of free cloud storage for students.

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