Youtube e-mail address contact

How to contact YouTube techsupport? How to get an answer from YouTube? How to write an email to YouTube and get answer from a human being?

Well most of you know those various buttons on YouTube you can click and supposedly contact YouTube. However, most often if you do get an answer, it is a templated message from a very underpaid employee or even a bot. On the Google Help Center, in the YouTube sections, there is a Contact us button. When you click it, in most cases you are redirected back to self-help page, where you are encouraged to search the FAQ in hopes of finding an answer to your question. However, if your channel has received over 15 thousand hours of total view time in the past 90 days, something changes. As YouTube stats is in minutes, we have to multiple 15.000 by 60 to get 900 thousand views in the past three months. My channel received around 1.2 mln minutes of views in the last 28 days, which makes it about 3.6 mln minutes in the last 3 months, or roughly – 60 thousand hours of watch time in 90 days. So I seem to qualify, and when I click “Contact us” a menu pops up with a selection of topics. Each selection ends with a Send e-mail option, which opens a contact webform. This one is for Community strike questions. And this one is for Copyright strikes. All submissions are normally processed within one day, and you get an answer from a different email address – yt-partner-support. And they are even signed by a human name. This is the first step to a personal account manager, which YouTube appoints to really huge and successful channels like Smosh, but obviously, I don’t yet qualify for that. It’s important to know that this contact us button is still available even when you are completely banned from YouTube and can’t access any of YouTube features. Hopefully this is a nice tip to all YouTube creators, Also I noticed that very few of you have added me to your Google+ circles. My profile link is in the description, please go ahead and add me to your circles.

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