Windows inverted colors fix

All of a sudden the colors on your windows desktop are inverted

This doesn’t look as good as a dark theme this looks rather weird no there is nothing wrong with your video card no you don’t have to reinstall video drivers no you don’t have to reinstall refresh or otherwise fix your windows installation because this is not a bug this is not a problem this is actually a feature which is called high contrast themes this is an accessibility option for people who have some eyesight problems and inverting colors and making them more vibrant on the screen may be beneficial for them so they can see the text better this high contrast mode can be activated via a windows shortcut and to do that you have to hold alt and shift buttons on your keyboard and then press the print screen button some keyboards may have an obscure way to press screenshot for example on this smaller keyboard to invoke this hotkey combination you have to press alt shift fn and only then print screen another way to do the same thing is to go to windows settings you can open them straight away by holding the windows key and pressing i on your keyboard or you may go through the start menu the settings we are interested in are located in ease of access and in windows 10 there is a special group of settings which is conveniently called high contrast there is a switch in those settings which you can toggle to turn the high contrast mode on and off after you get back from high contrast mode to normal mode some programs that have been already open may still have some dark parts as the file explorer in this example to fix that just close the window and open it back again if you don’t need this high contrast mode probably you’re just pressing the hotkey combination by accident when trying to make a screenshot of your screen you can actually disable this combination by unticking the corresponding box when you do this this hotkey combination will stop working in windows 11 everything is a bit more refined you can still use the same key combination that is alt shift and print screen but if you are taking the settings route the settings you are interested in are located in accessibility and there is a special plank which says contrast themes here you can not only turn on and off the contrast theme you can also select different contrast themes and play around with them to see actually which one works best for you.

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