Wet vacuum cleaner tuning

This is Thomas Wet Vacuum Cleaner. A quite decent machine – very simple design, meaning reliable, powerful and easy to use.

Its only major drawback is the casing material, which will be explained later on. First lets give it a little tuning to increase comfort.

The obvious thing is the power cord. Since it is not retractable,
purchase a cable reel to store the cable.
The hose should be better fixed with a cable tie. Warm water causes the hose to expand, so it may detach from the handle while in use.
You may also want to fix the dispenser trigger with another cable tie, since it often slides out of its original holder.

As already said, the materials used are not rigid enough, so the
handle cracked after a couple years of use.

It can be fixed with yet another cable tie, covered in cold weld for extra strength.
The same may be said about the small brush – the dispenser trigger slot is too fragile. If it cracks, glue it with superglue.

The hose clip may also be easily torn if you pull the machine by the hose, since it is quite heavy when loaded with water. To avoid this, fix both parts of the clip with cold weld.

The locks that join the upper and the lower part of the
machine together is where the lack of material strength becomes obvious. The plastic used is very thin and minimal. It is not apt to the load these locks have to bear.

They will eventually tear away. You may reconstruct it with epoxy cold weld, or better yet, reinforce these locks in advance, since they bear all the load when you take the machine by the handle.

With that precautions taken out, the machine will be a great and reliable helper. It is also very easy to use. Turn it on, pull the dispenser trigger and the device pours water on the floor and immediately sucks it back in.
You may wash floors, carpets and even windows, achieving great results without chemicals.
With the metal tubes removed, you may easily clean out all the greasy hair and other disgusting stuff clogging your sink or bath.
After use, just drain both buckets down the toilet, rinse them with clean water and let dry.

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