USB charger for AA AAA

Got this USB couple AA/AAA charger from Ebay.

Looks like this. The output is like this. Another big thing is that you can charge only one battery at a time, not a pair, which is a big improvement over most other chargers which normally charge a pair of batteries. Being able to charge only one is great, since many wireless mice require only one battery to operate. Too bad you cant charge one AA and one AAA at the same time, but I don’t think you really need that feature, so not a big deal. If fact, I already own one for about 8 years. This one has some logo on it and was bundled with a short female to male USB extender, which has DATA pins shortcut. Through all these years, a screw fell out of the case, but I easily replaced it with another one. I got the second charger for the office, since it is really convenient to charge batteries fro wireless mice and keyboards right from your computer. The charger doesn’t have a self-off timer, and will charge the batteries forever, but since you normally turn off your computer from time to time, that’s not a big issue. To switch between AA and AAA, flip contact extender up or down – it will make the battery compartment shorter or longer. But this charge is a real deal.

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