Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped

“Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped” when you try to install or remove an app.

And the account settings shows “Sync error”. Well, obviously something is wrong with your Android device. Let’s try to fix it. The first thing to do is find Play Store in the Settings App list and remove all it’s data and cache. Reboot the device and launch Play Store. If you did everything right, it will ask you to accept their terms again. If the error is still present, a more drastic measure will be to completely remove all Play Store updates. Reboot and launch Play Store. Mmm… Google Market! You were so beautiful without all this new faggotry! Everything should work, at least in my case, it did. Anyway, such errors is a symptom of real trouble with your Android. I was foolish enough to run Fix permissions from the CWM recovery menu and didn’t wait until it finished. So my suggestion is to completely wipe your device and reflash firmware from scratch. This error finally forced me to lift off my butt and install Cyanogenmod on my device. This was very beneficial about my relatively old device, as Cyanogen has the latest 4.4 kernel. while the device manufacturer stopped to give a shit back at 4.2.

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