Unclog toilet fast and easy without tools

So your toilet is clogged, the water doesn’t flush and all the shit is floating happily around.

Probably you don’t want to use your hands, chemicals or tools to unclog it. Well let’s go the green way. You need to understand that unless you flushed down a towel, sanitary pad or something of that sort, all you could clog the toilet with – hard shit, hair, nails, tea leaves – can rot or be dissolved by water given enough time. Our goal is to decrease that time. First, if the water at least goes down, fill the toilet bowl with hot water. Repeat this a couple of times for a hour or so, and the situation may clear a bit. If it doesn’t, to hell with green bullshit and pour in some old good chlorine alkali. Leave for 20 minutes and up to an hour, and it should clear the mess. Also remember that in most households the bathtub sink is on the same pipe but higher than the toilet connection, so filling up the bath and flushing it should help clean the mess near the toilet output. If this doesn’t help, we have to remove the show stopper by hand. Not bare hands, thankfully. Cut the bottom of a big PET soda bottle, and thrust it several times deep into the toilet bowl opening. This creates a hydro blow punching the debris into the drainage. This works well in most situations.

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