There was a problem running this tool

There was a problem running this tool We’re not sure what happened, but we’re unable to run this tool on your PC

This is what happens when you try to create installation media or an ISO to install Windows 10 using the official Microsoft installation tool. The issue is related to Windows Update not working properly on your system, or some other problem, but we will not waste or time on solving that. Instead, go to Test Bench page on the official Microsoft website. Here you can download the installation ISO directly without any additional software. Since the file is quite large, 3Gb and more, there may be issues with downloading large files on older browsers, so make sure to update your browser. After the ISO is downloaded, burn it to a DVD, or simply extract files from it to a USB thumb drive. You can boot such drives directly from UEFI bios without creating any additional boot partitions. Also keep in mind, that some PCs, especially Atom-powered Windows tablets with 2Gbs of RAM or less, do not support 64 bit UEFI boot, even though you can install and run 64-bit OS on them using a 32-bit UEFI boot manager.

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