Steam please check your password and account name fix

You try to log into steam and it gives you an error please check your password and account name and try again

I’m assuming this is your account it has not been hacked or stolen and you are entering correct password the reason a steam does not let you into your account is you’re using your email as login instead of the actual login and if you use your login and not the email it will let you into your account no problem how can you find your username steam uses at least two different names the first one is your account name or username that’s the one you have to use for login and the second one is your persona name or profile name and this is something you can change in profile settings while you cannot change your username so to find out what is your login username if you still have steam running for example on another machine right click on the steam icon go to settings and in the very first category which is called account you can see your account name this is your login if steam is not working in your PC but you still have it installed and it was working at least once you can go to this file which is called loginusers.vdf in Steam folder it’s a plain text file so you can open it with notepad and here you can see what I’m talking about account name is the one you use to log in and it cannot be changed Persona name is your profile name which can be changed and cannot be used to log in if you have nothing of that and you cannot remember your Steam username no matter how hard you try you have an option to restore it through Steam help center there are actually two ways to do that the first one is an automated self-help where you can enter your email or phone number that was associated with your steam profile and then follow the on-screen instructions to get it back or if even that fails you still have the option to contact Steam support but you will need to provide some evidence that you own the account usually it’s the very first email that was associated with that and maybe they will require some codes that you use to activate products on steam or maybe some build like credit card transactions that you used to top up your steam account by the way you probably can see your steam account in those bank card statements as very often they do have your Steam username that you use to top up your account in them

Link to restore username in Steam – click here

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