Rocksmith 2014 without original cable

My channel has a video review of a cheap USB audio cable to connect a guitar to PC, and also it shows how to use this cable in Rocksmith game instead of rather expensive original Realtone cable.

Buy cable: click.
Patch: download link.

It’s been a while since I posted this manual, and Rocksmith game has received numerous updates, which require an updated patch. So I removed the link to the patch described below, and the link above now goes to a universal patch which should work on both legit and non-legit copies of the game. If you still want to follow the instruction, look for a Rocksmith 2014 torrent from late 2013 with update 3 and patch files included.

The video was made for Rocksmith 2012. Rocksmith 2014 is available fro over a year now, and many of my viewers begged me to update the video for the newer Rocksmith. I ignored most of such comments, as I long lost any interest in playing the guitar in general, and Rocksmith in particular. However, one of the viewers accused me of fooling the viewers with the video title, as this cable doesn’t seem to work in Rocksmith 2014. Well I guess I have to stand my ground and release this video to prove the cable can be used to play Rocksmith 2014 and you don’t have to buy original Realtone cable. In fact, you don’t have to buy any USB cable at all – if your computer has an audio in jack, where you connect a microphone or a line input, you can just get a 6mm to 3.5mm adapter for your normal guitar cable, or purchase a 6mm to 3.5mm jack cable widely available almost in any electronics shop. You clearly will have to patch the game, and while normally I don’t post links to warez, I will make an exception this time and upload the patch and crack to my site, be sure to check the link in the description. Also be aware that as per copyrasts false claims, antivirus software flags all cracks as a virus by default. After using the patch and crack, I checked my PC with 5 antiviruses available for me, and all of them failed to detect any threats. But anyway – you have been warned. As you can see, I have the same ultrabook, the same cable and the same Ibanez I used in the previous video. The software is different though – I updated my Windows to 8.1 and Rocksmith to 2014. First thing you have to do is configure your audio devices. Go to recording devices, right click on them and select disable. Do this for each device except the one you connect your guitar to, in my case, the cable. When you connect the cable, it automatically becomes the default audio output device, even though it doesn’t even have an audio out to connect a speaker. So select the device you normally use to play games and listen to the music as default one, in my case these are speakers connected to my onboard sound chip. To be on the safe side, you may also disable all other playback devices expect the required one. Now we have to learn VID and PID for our USB cable. I looked them up in the device properties in Device Manager. You may also use the Rocksmith2014-NoCable and USB.exe utility but keep in mind it is flagged as virus, even though it doesn’t seem to contain any. Run the program, click Get Sound Devices. It will show up a device list. Now connect your USB cable, click Get Sound Devices again. This time the list will be larger to include your USB cable. Select it from the list, and the utility will show you VID and PID. Now we have to patch Rocksmith 2014. You need crack version 3. I also posted it to my site, and the antivirus doesn’t react on this one. Replace your Rocksmith2014.exe with the cracked one. The last thing we need is the no cable patch version 2. No cable fix is two files – the executable rocksmith2014_nocable_pbs.exe and the configuration rocksmith2014_nocable_pbs.ini. Open the configuration file in any text editor and look for this section. As you can see, the VID and PID are zeros here. If you plan to use you onboard sound card, leave them as zeros and exit the file without saving. If you are using an external USB device, enter the VID and PID here. For my cable, I entered the VID and PID we discovered earlier. Save the file. Now launch the game, but do not use rocksmith2014.exe. Use rocksmith2014_nocable_pbs.exe to launch the game. If everything went correctly, the guitar will be available in the menu already. If you strum the strings, the amp cabinet in the background will start to play your riffs. Let’s try to calibrate the guitar. As you can see, the calibration was successful and now we are in the guitar tuning step. So my cable works in Rocksmith 2014 with Rocksmith 2014 crack 3 and no cable patch version 2.

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  1. Hello Izzy, by any chance do you have the crack? I downloaded the last rocksmith with update 7, and the nocable from GitHub, but the no offest sign apears.

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