Remove toxic rubber smell

I hate official dress clothes.

The suits fit only Italian faces who produce them, and minorities that try to look like Italians. Given the wearer is slim. On the other hand, when you’re slim, everything looks good on you. On most people though even the most expensive brands… fuck the brands, even custom tailored suits look like on the hanger. Unfortunately I have to work in offices with strict dress code. As whatever I buy it mostly looks awful on me, I chose practicality – I buy shirts that you don’t have to iron after wash, pants that never have wrinkles and cheap shoes. As I hate dress shoes, I wear them only in dry and clean office, changing from street shoes. If you don’t go out in the shoes, you may buy cheap shoes for like fifteen dollars or slightly more. Looks good. Without the toll of the street, this will last for a about a year, after which the material will start to peel. The material is the secret of such shoes polished look. Of course this is not natural leather. This is synthetic leather, PVC. The biggest problem with all Chinese made plastics and rubber is the unbelievably toxic smell. I don’t know what Chinese guys use a plastificators and other additives, but the odour is unbearable. Loose hopes that the smell will go away on it’s own. I purchased some made in China rubber coated barbells more than half a year ago, and I have to keep them in the open air as the smell is still present. It reduced a little bit, but you can still smell it if you leave the barbels in the room. Let’s try to get rid of the smell. You probably wouldn’t be able to completely remove it, but it should be less noticeable. First thing to do is to wash the outside and the inside of the shoes with dishsoap using a sponge. Rinse and let dry. Then clean it with window glass polish. Leave for five minutes, then wash away the alcohol with dish soap. Let dry. If the smell is still there, spray them with silicone car spray. And the last step is to apply some leather polish. After all this the smell won’t go away completely, but should be less intense.

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