Remove Baidu

So your Android device has a Baidu folder.

This seems to be device unspecific – Samsung, Sony, and also Cyanogenmod devices seem to have this folder. Deleting the folder doesn’t help – it comes back in a while. Turns out Baidu – in case you didn’t know, it’s Chinese equivalent of Bing, not Google but Bing, so Baidu provide SDK to use their services, like Baidu Cloud storage. So apps that provide access to this storage, like ES Explorer, utilize the SDK. ES Explorer said it removed the Baidu thing, and Sony said the reason there is a Baidu folder is that they rent Baidu servers for the find my phone feature to work. Whatever they say, just imagine – an app that has access to your entire phone and you home network with all the PCs and laptops and other devices, connects to servers in China without your consent. To Baidu, which has strong ties with China government. You can’t trust Chinese government, god only knows what personal data those communists collect and store and how all this going to backfire. Democratic governments never spy on users… oh shit! Blocking Baidu DNS doesn’t make sense, as the locations are hardcoded by IP addresses. So in this unstable times your best friend is OS Monitor. Install it, look which applications access the internet without your knowledge and block them. In Cyanogen mod case that was the xmod. So block it, and delete the Baidu folder. It should not be back.

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