Reason why Kinder Surprise is banned

Do you know that US kids don’t know the majestic taste of Kinder Surprise?

It turns out, selling of non-nutritious objects inside confectionery is banned in the US. The rationale beside this is that such products are usually intended for kids, and thus pose a public safety hazard of choking for unsuspecting customer. I don’t know if there is a customer not knowing about what’s inside Kinder Surprise, minding the company’s marketing budget, but that’s a plausible explanation. Yes it blatantly calls all America population dumb idiots, but rationale is good enough. This must be a colossal butthurt for the manufacturer. What a market lost! Especially given the American love to celebrate the pagan holiday know in Christianity as Easter, complete with eggs, bunnies, blackjack and hookers and shit. You can’t place non-nutritious things inside confectionery. Period. But wait a minute. Even I know at least one more confectionery with non-edible objects inside. That’s fortune cookie. You may think the paper is edible, but not, it’s common cheap paper. Edible will be too expensive. And it may be intended for kids. Personally, I never eat them and whenever I have a meeting in a Chinese dinery, I bring these suckers home. Yes, some of them have a stripe of paper visible, but mostly they don’t. So what idiocy or corruption makes eating paper okay, but not plastic?

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