Prevent glasses from sliding down nose

Unboxing! These are additional nose pads for all types of glasses.

I have a pair of Italian made sunglasses that slide down my nose and leave an opening near my forehead, where sun beams go directly into my eye. This is very dangerous for the pupil relaxed in otherwise dark environment and thus widely open, and can cause permanent damage to the eyesight. That is exactly why the popular Aviator model sunglasses have their lens curved inside – this convex goes around the eye to protect it. So I decided to rise the sunglasses a bit with these extra pads. The instruction is not really comprehensive, so I just used some nail polish remover to wipe off the grease from the nose piece. I advise you to cover the lens with paper or film before rubbing any solvent, since the chemical may damage or completely wash away the lens coating. Then I removed the protective paper and applied the pad, wrapping it around like this. I didn’t cut it. Then repeated fro the other side. The sunglasses have risen a couple millimeters, which seems to be enough to fix that forehead opening issue. I don’t know how long the glue will stick, but it seems adhesive enough and bonds well to the soft-touch plastic of the frame. I think I get more of these. Beside black silicone, the pads are also available in transparent color.

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