MGS5 GlowStorm Steam offline white screen fix

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain AMD Phenom
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Steam is currently in offline mode, for the first launch go in Online Mode

Your pirated Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain doesn’t start, displaying you a GlowStorm Window, and when you press OK, nothing happens. What you need to do is disable all your antivirus software. This includes Windows Defender or MS Security Essentials, which are the same thing. Other antivirus software may block these two files – 3dmgame.dll and steam_api64.dll When you disable the antivirus and remove the files from quarantine, the error message will now say that your Steam is offline. To counter that, here’s link to crack version 2. Download the file and unpack it the game folder. Now launching the game will give you a white screen. Change your PC time settings to +8 hours, which is Beijing. Now the game should launch. If it doesn’t, check which processor you have. Initially, the game had an issue with processors not supporting SSE4.1 instructions, that includes older Intel Core2Duo and many of the newer AMD Phenoms. The developer of the game addressed the issue in update 3, so legit copies now work on these processors. However, the Chinese guys behind the 3DM crack base their version 2 of the crack on the day one executable, without the update. There have been rumors, that a member of the hacker family had surgery, so being a caring relative, he has no time for the such nonsense as game cracking. So you either have to buy the legit copy, wait for the 3DM cracker to update the crack or another hacker group to step in and release their own crack.

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