Metal headphone headset plug for soldering

Double unboxing!

Here we have metal headphone jacks for soldering. The quality is good. I really enjoyed the SENNHEISER logo. I paid this for two jacks. These are plain stereo jacks, and this is a 4-contact one for a smartphone headset, bundled with a piece of heat shrink cable. Heat shrink is cheap, but that’s a pleasant addition anyway. The connector quality is also good. It may be a little tough to solder, but quite possible. Triple unboxing! All this pile of 10 connectors including shipping costs this much. Of course the quality is not that good, but they are also made of metal. See this seam? I actually see such seams on a connector for the first time in my life. Anyway, they will work good enough in applications where you don’t have to unplug the connector every day, like desktop headphones or speakers. All of these connectors have plastic parts, that will melt when heated. So you have use lower power soldering iron and remove extra heat by holding the soldered contact with large metal tweezers. For extra strength, use heat shrink or apply thermal glue.

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