Killing time in Phuket airport

Thailand still has a lot of beautiful places, Pattaya, Bangkok and Phuket not being one of them.

Normally, you have a connecting flight in Bangkok. This is a modern airport where people know how to work, so nothing much to say here. Just make sure you don’t leave for Bangkok – as everything oriental, this is a big, ugly and dirty Asian mega city. Don’t spoil your mood. And in Bangkok airport, try not to be late for your flight! The building is very, very long, and it may take 40 minutes to get from international arrivals to domestic departures gates. So make sure you have enough time and remember – travelator walkways are made for walking, not standing like an idiot. But how to survive in Phuket international airport? Phuket is second Pattaya, where market starts right after airport doors with cabmen shouting at you to get into their taxis. Do not exit the airport. Before leaving international arrivals, make sure you find your luggage. Even if your bags are stamped correctly for connecting flights, that doesn’t mean they will be loaded to your next plane. Phuket staff just do not get connecting flights luggage, and your stuff will be dragged to the wall and left there for good. So locate them, tear of all labels and check in to your domestic flight. Then go straight to domestic departures through screening. Hopefully, your next flight is Bangkok Airways. They have a lounge near domestic departures gates, where you can comfortably wait several hours till your next flight. Show your boarding pass at the reception to get WiFi password. You may also take a cup of tea or coffee, a glass of water or juice and some fruit, pastries or pizza. They have power sockets so you can charge you devices, or use the computers if you don’t have one. Fresh newspapers are available in several languages. Everything is free, so enjoy yourself. Don’t miss your plane though – the girls sometimes show around the departing flight number, and sometimes they don’t. So don’t miss your flight.

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