How to watch videos blocked in your country

So Daily Show is blocked in your country.

It happened before, when some of the episodes were blocked in certain countries, but now foreigners cannot watch Daily Show at all, judging by the show’s official Facebook page. I don’t know why Comedy Central and their MTV owners decided to go douchebag in this modern digital cross-border world. So now only Americans can watch the show, so if you want to watch it, you need a an American IP. Well, let’s get one. The easiest way to do it is download the ready-made Tor Browser bundle. Tor is a anonymizer proxy, and browser is Firefox, all configured to run with each other. We only need to find the configuration file – torcc – and add this line specifically telling it we want to exit through USA – Exitnodes {us}. Now start Tor Browser, disable Noscript plugin, and turn on Adobe Flash, agreeing to the warning that this plugin may decrease the anonymity, and that’s what Tor is all about. We don’t give a shit about being anonymous right now, we only want a US ip. Check the blocked video. As you can see, it works now and I finally was able to watch my favorite show – in fact, the only TV show I ever watch for many years now. By the way, you may not use the bundled browser. Just run it and copy the proxy settings into your browser of choice. Now it will also use the Tor network. The best way to check if it is really surfing through Tor is shutdown Tor Browser. Your own browser should not display any pages now. It only works when Tor Bundle is running.

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