How to run Sony Vegas 6.0 on Windows 7 64bit

Software developers need ways to force you purchase newer updates of their products, even if you are pretty satisfied with the existing one. For instance, if you moved to Windows 7, you may have some trouble running .NET Framework 1.1 applications, like old versions of Sony Vegas.

NET Framework backward compatibility is somewhat strange. Even though declared by Microsoft, if an application specifically asks for an older version of .NET Framework, you will not be able to run it with a newer one. That means you have to install newer, more bulky .NET and a newer update to you software, now full with even more bloatware and unused features. All these hogs eat up the resources of your brand new PC, and as a result, the new Sony Vegas 11 runs as alow on a high end PC, as Sony Vegas 6.0 used to ran on the older top PCs back in the day.
The obvious solution is to install the old Sony Vegas 6.0 on you new Windows 7 PC. To do that, just download .NET Framework 1.1 and 1.1sp1 update and install them on your system. Windows 7 will complain on “known compatibility issues”, but just proceed with the install. Reboot, and enjoy your Vegas 6 on steroids.

Tested on Windows 7 64bit edition and Windows Server 2008.

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