How to force yourself do something you don’t want to

I am a lazy person.

Even interesting and exciting things, I can be doing without enthusiasm, almost forcing myself. This is probably because I have so much stuff to do in the first place: family, work, these videos – they draw a lot of energy and time. And I also want to ride, read, play, hang out, watch a movie. I can’t remember last time I was bored – there always is something to do. And I am so fucked up beyond any recognition most of the time that I just can’t force myself to do anything. But you have to do things, most of them won’t do themselves on their own. And here I use an advise which I stumbled upon on the internet a couple years ago. The main idea is when you have some task that you desperately don’t want to do, make yourself do it for 15 minutes only. I’m not speaking about splitting the task into 15 minute sub tasks, like most other advices go. I’m talking about working on the task for 15 minutes straight. Promise yourself you’ll stop doing it in just 15 minutes, and may go back to it later. Works for me. You start to do the unpleasant task at hand, and the very possibility of quitting it in just 15 minutes gives a feeling so overwhelming, that you don’t notice how you actually complete the whole task. Even if you don’t finish it yet, the end is still 15 minutes closer than before, and these 15 minutes chunks will get the task to completion, eventually. The hardest thing is to start, at that 15 minute indulgence really helps. So next time you are struggling to force yourself do something, try doing it for only 15 minutes.

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