Hot Harness Bikini Crossover Waist Belly Body Chain Link Necklace Jewelry

Unboxing! This is a chain. A beach chain for swimwear.

I won’t showcase that on my assets – the item is cheap. so get your own one, strap on the object and parade as long as you want. I first saw this on a subway train about a year a go. The girl was wearing a top and her navel was pierced. The upper part of the chain went somewhere under her bra and the lower dangled inside her panties. I didn’t know what this harness was, so I thought the chick had her navel, and both nipples and her clitoris pierced, all connected together by this chain. Probably I watched “Pulp Fiction” too much. It turned out this crossover chain is nothing kinky and if fact, quite elegant with a swimsuit. Gold looks great on black, so if you or your partner is an Muslim woman that swims in that fabulous black full-body yashmak, this harness should look awesome on that too. Also, this could be worn with evening dress, especially of that sexy cocktail little black dress variety.

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