Hand made guitar pick

If you play the guitar, you probably know how hard it is to get a right pick. Even famous guitarists suffer a guitar pick selection problem: Brain May (Queen) uses a coin to pluck his guitar.

However, it is very easy to make one yourself. Best material source are old CD and DVD discs. Yes, discs you no longer need or too scratched to be played, can be turned into great guitar picks.
First, draw the shape of your future pick on the disc surface. Traditional shape is drop-like, but you are free to choose any shape that suits you most. Then, cut the shape out, leaving at least 5mm margins: CDs are easy to crack, so leave some more material to be on the safe side.
Then take a file and cut down all the excess plastic. Take the finest sandpaper and round the whole perimeter of the pick from one side to another.

Your DIY guitar pick is ready! Go try it out! And don’t use a coin for plucking the guitar, you’ll scratch the surface.

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