Golfer golf lover gift idea

This is a parcel I got from Amazon

Let’s open it up and see what’s inside underneath the postage box there is another one which contains the item itself this is a desktop pen holder which is shaped like a golf bag on a trolley and the pens themselves are shaped as golf clubs I am not a fan of golf at all I think this is one of the most expensive and least exciting Sports however it is very popular in Great Britain and regions where British Empire had an influence and to be honest golf is a very inclusive sport you don’t really have to be in top physical shape to play it since there are a lot of elderly players and also it is a very social Sport and that’s why many people play it both professionally and recreationally I am also not a very big fan of items shaped as other items this is a spec especially true about tools to help you with your Vice for example desktop corkscrews or lighters are very often shaped as guns and similar items that have nothing to do with opening wine bottles and lighting cigarettes anyway this is definitely a novelty item however it’s not that no well I remember seeing something like this at least five or maybe 6 years ago on Mica Walker’s desk and over the years they have definitely changed the packaging since if you go to Amazon reviews you can see some complaints from a few years ago where the buyers are dissatisfied that the box came crushed from the post office and that box was a display case now they obviously have changed the package it’s a simple yet colorful box and not a display case it also has a distinctive gift wrapping printed on it so obviously this item is supposed to be a gift even to your own self so let’s look inside once again they did all they could to pad it really nice so it won’t be damaged in shipping and in this particular case everything seems to have arrived in one piece the item consists of three main parts the first one is the stand it’s a plastic stand with some artificial plastic grass on it it’s the same type of grass you can find in dioramas for toy trains and stuff like that there is also a little golf ball which is not detachable and then comes the star of the shell this is the golf trolley bag it even has a retractable handle which also extends the wheelbase this is a rather detailed product which definitely does not look cheap you have different straps attached there is a zipper which you can unlock the wheels can freely rotate so you may pull the trolley on your desk like a toy car and in general it really resembles a miniature golf pack and the item is not that small either it’s quite a tall item it will definitely occupy some space on your desk or on your shelf and will definitely attract attention and may become a conversation piece and the third item are the three different color pens which are shaped like different shaped golf clubs you can unscrew them to remove the pen stem and the pan stem is your normal pen stem and you can purchase a replacement almost in any store and review the pen if the ink runs out the three colors are red blue and black and before you start to write you have to remove a little bit of glue which protects the ink from running out in shipment after you do that the pen rides quite nicely in general this is a good looking functional thing which makes a perfect gift especially for a golf lover however there are some flaws and they all relate to the grass base first of all the plastic that makes the base is not solid it’s more like a plate shape and you may want to get some rubber cut it in the shape of the base and glue it to the back of the base to make it heavier and more sturdy the second problem is actually a feature the trolley card is detachable and that’s the feature of this product however this is also a con since a trolley can quite easily tip over and fall to avoid that there are holes cut in the grass however in my particular case they are not cut to measure so there is a slit for the front of the trolley and two small holes for the wheels and the holes for the wheels do not align you cannot extend the wheelbase to the left or to the right since it’s quite sturdy and that’s why the trolley doesn’t really stand too well on the base apart from that this is a very nice product which you can get in different colors I personally couldn’t choose between green and red however I finally decided on the green one since the grass is green and if you are interested in purchasing this product you can find the link in the description below I am the god of YouTube like subscribe thanks Jingle Bells

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