DIY tablet tripod

Most modern tablets and cell phones sport decent enough cameras to mount them on a tripod for better results.

But this is not exactly easy. Of course you can always get a special tripod, but if you already have a common one, let’s try fixing the tablet to it. The first option is to use special x-bands for book and papers, which are sold in stores like Staples. Put a rubber band on the device, and then balance it on the angle handle. You’re are ready to shoot. But this is more of a temporary solution, when you need to start filming real quick. For a more convenient and reliable mount we will use this versatile flexible holder. This is basically a piece of metal wire, covered in soft polyurethane foam with plastic caps on both ends. Bend it around your tripod. This can be done in many ways, I managed to zigzag it like this. Now insert the tablet between the ends of the holder. You’re are ready to film. Height, angle – all is perfectly adjustable like with an ordinary camera.

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