Choosing towels

Lets talk about something you use everyday – towels.

For instance, colored ones are not made to satisfy the customer aesthetically, but mostly to hide poor fabric quality. Well exactly like jeans – the deep blue coloring was invented mainly to conceive poor cotton quality. That’s why light jeans usually cost more than dark ones. Or you know those colored meatballs, ravioli or something? The coloring is added to change the original greyish color of the dough, which is an indicator of low grade flour used for it. So you’d better get white towels. They don’t smell, especially compared to the unpleasant odor of colored cotton fabric when wet. They are also easier to maintain, as you may wash them at higher temperatures and use bleach. This actually makes them safer, as the chlorine kills most of the bacteria, which is a good thing especially if your family shares towels. However it seems unbelievably hard to find pure white towels in stores, as many manufacturers try to add value to their product by decorating it with pictures, insignia or some weird gold ornament like this one. Well, a little amount of decorum is not that a problem, and most of it will fade after a couple washings. Speaking of washing, if you want it to be really cost effective, it’s better to purchase several towels, enough to fill your machine when time comes for laundry.

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