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Boamigo manual pdf
Please read this manual before use
Functions of the pushers
A Backlight
В Mode selection (Normal Time > Chronograph > Alarm > Setting)
С Shows the ALARM time / Selection of items to be adjusted during setting / Split- Time function / set Chronograph to Zero
D Shows the DATE / Chronograph Start- Stop/Snooze ON
► б Digits LCD Display of Hour, Minute, Second, Month, Date and Weekday
► Daily Alarm with Snooze function
► Hourly Chime
►12/24H format selectable
►1/100 second Chronograph with split functions
► EL backlight
► Push В 1 x to enter the chronograph mode
► The display range of the chronograph is 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59.99 seconds.
► Press D key to START/STOP running.
► Press С key to return to zero after stopping.
► For SPLIT COUNT press С key while the chronograph is running.
► To exit the split count and stop counting press D key.
►To display the total accumulated time after the exit from split count press С key and to go to zero press С key again.
У To return to the display of the Real Time while the chronograph is running press В key and then press В key again to return to the running chronograph.
Alarm I Chime
a)Press С + D key to turn Alarm ON / OFF; ►Press В key 2x to enter the alarm setting mode. The “Hour” digit is flashing.
► Press С key to select “Hour” or “Minute” setting.
►Press D key to adjust the flashing item.
► Press С key to confirm.
► Press В key to return to Real Time mode. ►Alarm / Snooze ON/OFF. To the stop the
alarm Signal press С key. To activate Snooze press D key. The alarm signal Will sound again after 5 minutes. To stop the snooze function press С key. If not deactivated, the alarm signal will stop after one minute.
Time and Date Setting
► Press В key 3x to enter the time setting mode. The seconds are flashing.
^ Press С key to move on to set the minute, hour, day, month and day of the week.
^ Press D key to set the respective flashing item.
►The 24H format is indicated by “H” when setting the hour. The 12H format is indicated by “A” and “P”.
To change the format press D key until 24 hours have passed, у To reset the seconds to 00 press D key.
In the range of 00 to 29 seconds, the minutes remain unchanged. In the range of 30 to 59 the seconds are set to 00 and 1 minute is added.
Operation Guarantee Certificate
Type: “Code .
Purchase Date: : > . • ‘
Dealer Signature: . – ,_7
The company offers 12 months free maintenance after delivery with the exception of the following damage or losses caused by incorrect use, careless or accident, worn out if case surface, batteries, glasses, belt, etc. Please hand over the watch with the fully filled operation guarantee certificate to the dealer for our professional maintenance for you.
Note . This guarantee certificate will become valid only filled in fully and correctly by a KT authorized dealer and sealed

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