Censor square in video

There are a lot of tutorials on how to censor or blur out a part of frame in Sony Vegas. But they are so very long and tedious for such a simple and basic procedure.

Here’s what you need to do.
First, you need to find the spot in the video where the object appears and split the video there pressing S, and then find the last frame of that sign and also cut the video there.
Now, insert anew video track. It must be on top of the original video, this is important.
Copy the split video to this track making a duplicate.
Now, solo out this track. And press the Event/FX icon.
Here, add Sony Cookie Cutter. Choose Rectangle and position it over the object. Adjust the size of the rectangle and fine tune its position.
If you select Cut away section, you’re basically getting the censored
If you want Blur, select back Cut away all but section, and press the green Add button. Here, add a Gaussian blur to the plugin chain.
Now, if you disable the solo track, you’ll get the selected part of the image blurred out. You may adjust the Cookie cutter size for better fit.
If the object you are trying to censor moves, split upper video channel in the position change and correct the Cookie cutter position. Repeat for all successive frames, then render you censored video.

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