Case cover for iPhone clone

Unboxing! A clear silicone case for iPhone.
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The cover is made of soft, sheer material, around 5mm thickness. It has all the necessary cutouts for cameras, speakers, and the lock switch. The headphone and USB connectors are covered with special plugs to protect them from dust and dirt. All the buttons are formed on the surface, so you can easily press them through the material. The side sports a cutout to attach a safety cord. For some reason, cellphone manufactures stopped to make it of the device itself a couple years back. I do not own and will not ever own another iPhone ever in my life, so lets see how this case fits the Chinese clones I do own for the looks. The cheaper clone, which is a Java phone with TV, the cover is a bit smaller then needed because the clone has a back cover, If you remove the cover, the case fits like a glove. Another clone which runs Android is a perfect copy, so the silicon cover fits very well. Note that the buttons are a perfect match. Is the silicon cover worth the money? For a dollar, that’s almost the cheapest yet quality case you can get.

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